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    Main Items :>>Wafer Probing

Test Equipment:
    Chroma 3360, 3360P VTT, V777 testers with 512/256 I/O channels, 50MHZ test frequency, up to 64-site synchronize testing capabilities
    YOKOGAWA TS6700 testers equipped with ACCRETECH UF200 / UF200A series fully automatic high-precision prober

    These testers are suited for various types of MCU, flash controller, LED driver IC, digital audio/video processor, and DSP (digital signal processor) products, meeting customers’ high-precision, high-speed and synchronization testing requirements

Description of Testers:

Yokogawa 6700 (3sets)
Pin: 736 (2 sites)

Chroma 3360 (9sets)
Test frequency: 50 MHz
Pin: 512 (64 sites)

Chroma 3360P (2sets) for SSOP Final Test

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