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Compared with the international carbon supercapacitors, our Ruthenium supercapacitors have the following five leading indicators

一、Maximum power density
At present, the international carbon supercapacitor can only reach 5-7 kw/kg, we are 10 times his, reaching 70 kw/kg
二、Maximum capacitance ratio
At present, the carbon supercapacitor is 8-10 times larger than the carbon supercapacitor, which can achieve the smallest supercapacitor in the world
三、Structurally thinnest;
Ultra-thin structure is only 025mm, widely used in smart card, bank card (08mm) and other energy storage components
四、 Longest Life
It can reach more than 10 years, cycle charge and discharge 1 billion times, long service life, 10-100 times longer than battery life It can replace electrolytic capacitor and tantalum capacitor
五、 The Widest Field of Applicatio
It can be applied in various energy fields and improve energy efficiency When applied to start-up and stop of fuel vehicles, it can improve fuel utilization rate, save fuel 15-30%, reduce emissions of exhaust gases by more than 40% It can also solve the problems of low and high temperature start-up (working environment of 40 degrees below zero to 100 degrees above zero) and prolong the service life of storage batteries for 2-5 years When applied to new energy vehicles, it can combine with power batteries to form power components Current energy recovery, improve the endurance of new energy vehicles: at the same time, it can be used in all areas of instantaneous demand for high power density

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